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  • Mascota is an Egyptian company providing pet owners with the best and highest selling pet products including food (dry/wet), litter, and pet accessories.
  • We offer selective products from top brands to our customers from dog, cat, and horse owners.
  • In the past years, there has been a surge in pet ownership in Egypt which raised the demand for pet essentials and services.
  • This surge helped us introduce our brands and services to consumers all around Egypt.
  • We have been expanding our business recently as we joined several pet shows and events, and have been increasing our customer database and product portfolio.

Premium Pet Owners Service for New Giza Residents

We are going to provide New Giza residents with quality products through our compound store.
We will also be providing pets with our special care and grooming services.
Our products and services extend to all kinds of pets whether dogs, cats, or even horses.

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