How My Former Puppy Mill Dog Changed All of My Pet Health Assumptions

The first scene of this episode started with our shiny red canoe!

You might be wondering where we got it. Well, we made it out of cardboard, packing tape, and paint as based on these instructions. However, the one difference we made, since of course Oakley and I perhaps do not have the best sense of ‘balancing a boat’… was to add a keel. So below the water, a flat piece of plywood extended down about a foot, with a 10lbs weight on the bottom. This made the boat impervious to tipping!

BUT, and this is a big BUT. The canoe was still made out of cardboard. So it was inevitable that our seafaring vessel would not be seafaring for too long.

After shooting a few video clips for about 10 minutes, Dad decided to snap a few photos while he had the chance; before the canoe became too soft to use… So he switched his camera over from video to photo, and started snapping pictures.

In a hilarious sequence of events, while we were just floating in the middle of the creek bed, the canoe slowly sank below us in a gurgle of bubbles, and we very calmly abandoned ship and swam to shore, the canoe, resting just a few inches below the surface.